Advantages of AAT EMS Interiors

• Quick Change interior

• Tailor-made

• Ergonomic and versatile modular system

• Low weight design

• Full EASA certification

• Full configuration flexibility

• Fully interchangeable between same type aircraft



Together with VERSARPPS, Air Ambulance Technology have designed and manufactured Europes first Ebola Configuration for the Learjet XR45


The “Air Ambulance Isolation System” has been developed for Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR) in order to safely transport patients suspected of having the EBOLA Virus using their current fleet of Learjet 45X Aircrafts. The project which was developed under the guidance of the medical department of the LAR, and implemented by Austrian company Air Ambulance Technologies (ATT) and UK based VersarPPS was recently unveiled in Luxembourg.

The Air Ambulance Isolation System consists of a modified version of the VersarPPS ISO-CAPsule, a negative pressure transportation unit to transfer the patient onto the aircraft and place them within a custom designed large Isolator.

The larger Isolator, which uses the same negative pressure concept to create airflow through the unit, was specially designed to utilize the restricted space available within the aircraft. As a result, itprovides the patient with more freedom of movement during long flights while still maintaining complete isolation, reducing the risk of passing on contamination to the crew and aircraft. The medical staff can safely access the patient through special incorporated sleeves built into the unit to allow careduring the flight.

The European Commission, who will cover up to 85% of transport costs for these particular missions, has funded the project thus far. As a result, the jets are available for use by all EU member states.

The presentation of the aircraft and Isolation system has attracted considerable interest from those in attendance, which included World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC. Further interest has been received from several countries including Japan, Canada and Switzerland.